With DACA It’s Possible

Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs

DACA has made once-impossible goals possible for New Yorkers who arrived to the US as children. DCF built upon our 2014 collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and created a new campaign, inspired by true stories, that encourages more people to apply for DACA in order to open opportunity for education, career and even eligibility for health insurance.

We recruited and interviewed three young adults who secured work permits, social security numbers and driver’s licenses through DACA. These things allowed each to make important moves that set their dreams into motion, including applying to college, finding internships and starting first jobs. Their stories are told in candid, honest videos, shared via social media, to provide an inspiring glimpse into each life.

Outdoor print ads match these scenarios, showing established young immigrants in professional and educational scenarios to encourage application to DACA.