SNAP Helped

Human Resources Administration (HRA)

SNAP is changing to meet new needs and reach those who are unaware that the program could be a helpful option. DCF worked with HRA to turn attention toward this and change perceptions.

Given that online enrollment for SNAP (once known as food stamps) is now possible, DCF built a friendly new website and mobile site to connect people to the information they need.

At the heart of the campaign are real-life SNAP recipients who DCF worked with to share how the program changed their lives. Though each story features people of different ages and ethnicities, each proves that SNAP moves people forward through tough times.

Related print ads encourage people to check their eligibility on the site. In addition to English speakers, the website, documentary videos and print ads are available in multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and French Creole.

>>> Visit the SNAP website <<<


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