NYC Rent Security

City of New York

A 2015 media blitz about the work of the NYC Rent Guidelines Board caused widespread confusion and misinformation among rent-stabilized residents about the possible loss of their apartment. DCF worked with the City to reassure New Yorkers that their apartments, and home lives, were indeed safe and secure.

Our print and digital campaign, featured in key public transit and consumer areas, cast a variety of true-life rent-stabilized New Yorkers and showed them in the comfort of their individual homes. We communicated that NYC had protected the rent of all stabilized units, and pointed out exactly what should be seen on leases to highlight the benefit and prevent any unfair/illegal scenarios. This work is especially indicative of DCF’s ability to quickly create a strong campaign: The print and radio portions of the campaign were completed and reached New Yorkers in less than a week​.


Press about this campaign:

→  NY Times –  City to Spend $1 Million on Ads Promoting Rent Freeze on Stabilized Units

→  NY Daily News –  NYC to spend $1M on ads promoting rent freeze