“Marie” Anti-Smoking Campaign Launches

You may have seen Marie around the city in the past couple days. She’s the one with the amputated fingers. Her hands are hard to miss and hard to stop thinking about too. We met her last year when we were developing a new anti-smoking campaign for New York’s Department of Health. To follow up on our “Smoking is Eating You Alive” spots, we wanted to tell the story of a real New Yorker who has really suffered from smoking.

We got to know Marie pretty well (check out the pictures from her photo and video shoots). Like any born-and-bred New Yorker, she told her story like it is, sparing no details about what her smoking-related sicknesses have done to her (it turns out amputations were just the beginning…).

Watch the ads

"Relationships" :30

"Amputations" :30

"Disabled" :30

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Photos from the press event

Press about the campaign

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